stress management & coping Strategies

An hour presentation on how to combat stress in the workplace and why stress is necessary including: 

  • how and why we suffer from stress 

  • how our thoughts can be adapted to combat stress 

  • solutions to help to deal with a stressful work and home life 

  • resilience skills so that stress doesn’t become too impactful in their life

stress management in the workplace

This programme is held over 6 weeks and is an hour-long so that it can be fitted into a break. 

Our aim with this programme is to provide you with the techniques and coping strategies to deal with the stress you will inevitably encounter, building resilience, and a responsive and non-reactive attitude to those around you and to yourself.

The programme will include the following plus much more:


  • Examining the physiology of stress and its useful

  • Identifying stress triggers

  • We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to examine thoughts

  • Looking at coping skills and behaviours during periods of stress.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and how it can help in a big way.

  • Weekly exercises to complete in your own time.

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Deep relaxation, visualisation, and meditation

  • Interactive programme

and much more!