managing stress & anxiety 

Stress Test: How stressed are you?

The three primary reasons for stress and depression in our societies are the following –
Money, work stress, and relationship stress, through in a pandemic, and your stress levels are sky-high!


I help anxious people like you to manage your stress,
get unstuck, and take back control.

Stress and anxiety are inevitable in our daily lives but can be a constant battle for some. However, with the correct coping skills, new ideas, and opening your eyes and mind to new ways, you can learn how to manage your stress and anxiety on a daily basis and even diminish some of it!


Do watch my video below. 

The video explains all the Physical Sensations you might feel in your body when you are feeling stressed, anxious or panicky.

By noticing and being aware of these sensations, it will help you to manage your anxiety better, just because it can put your mind at ease that you are NOT having a heart attack for instance.

Plus start by identifying your stressors. Often times we don't quite know how, but that's why you have me, to teach you how to do this. 


There are two types of stress - Chronic Stress and Acute Stress. Both of these can be managed.
Acute stress can be reversed quickly and Chronic stress can be prevented. 


Can be grouped into different types of anxiety disorders.
Here are the most common disorders:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disorder

Specific Phobia



I had never tried hypnotherapy, in fact, any kind of therapy before seeing Ghitta and it was the best decision I ever made. She has helped me so much already to deal with lots of different issues, and I know that still going to see her is something I will continue to do. She creates such a safe and open environment I would recommend her to anyone.