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Stop Smoking with Advanced Hypnotherapy and Mind MeDiation

It is easier to stop smoking than you think. A pleasant experience with no side effects, long, drawn-out periods of time, pain or trauma normally associated with quitting.

You can now change the way you think about smoking and get freedom from all forms of smoking such as cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, shisha’s and now even E-cigarettes!

As a smoker, you already know the risks to your health, but if it has not stopped you from smoking, it is probably either a belief that you are addicted or your belief that it will be too hard to stop smoking keeping the habit in place. Both beliefs are in your power to change!


The Stop Smoking Programme even comes with a 12-month guarantee, during which you can come and see me FREE OF CHARGE as many times as you like for smoking-related support.

What does the programme consist of?

  • Smoking Cessation Session

  • A free, 'BEFORE quitting' recording

  • A free, 'AFTER quitting' recording

  • Free smoking-related support for 12 months

All of this for the price of £300

If you are interested in quitting smoking for good, please click on the button below, complete the Smoking Questionnaire and email it back to me to

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It's been way too long that I've been a smoker and it had to come to and end. I've tried Alan Carr, I've tried patches and cold turkey, but nothing seems to have worked. So I decided to fork out the cash and do a session with Ghitta. I'm based in South Africa and we did the session online.

Best thing ever! it's not been THAT long since I am now a non-smoker, but it's been longer than I've done on my own. I feel so proud and my kids as just as proud!
If you are considering stopping - don't waste your timing in tryig so many things.. Just get one session done and dusted!