There’s this fantastic metaphor written by Harish Mahotra about a stress burnout that I would like to share with you today:

If you work nonstop for 10, 12 or 14 hours, your stress level rises. Your engine overheats. You ignore the signs of stress like increased irritability, short temper, extramarital affairs, lack of patience, and an increased consumption of coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol.

Finally, you have professional burnout.

When you drive a car too long in hot weather, its engine may overheat. If unattended, the engine can catch fire.

Keep a watch on the engine light, stop the car, and let it cool down.

On the highway of life, listen to your mind and body. When you notice these signs, do something to cool your engine down. Cut down on your work hours. Delegate more. Change your job. Take a few days off and go on vacation. Make a determined effort to change your lifestyle.


What a wonderful metaphor?

Do you find your life running like a car? Perhaps an overheated car? Don’t take chances with your life, your physical or mental health. If you notice subtle changes in your daily life, if you notice the stress levels rising… don’t wait for a burnout. Don’t see how far you can push it. Don’t try your luck and think it will go away. Take action steps towards preventing a stress burnout! Do something asap.

Sometimes, you will have control, and can make those changes suggested above. Other times, you may not see the wood from the trees and then you’d need a professional to help you see things from a different perspective. That is where I come in. That is where I can help you make the changes.

There is no shaming in seeking help, no shame in struggling with a mental problem. Pick up that phone today and book an appointment. It may safe your life, your relationships, your work or your own sanity!

STOP your stress burnout before it happens.

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