This week I’ve got a whole list of Juicy Fruity Flavours especially now that we are in summer and a juicy fruit would be a nice way to cool down.


Declutter Day – Some of our stress is due to many competing demands.  And, sometimes, those demands are staring us in the face–piles of files on our desks, a stack of voicemail messages and many e-mails.  A cluttered desk or desktop may signal a cluttered mind!  When you spend time looking for a document or a phone number, that’s time that could be better spent.

Benefits of decluttering:

  1. It compartmentalises your work. Organising your office/desk/cubicle helps separate the clutter of the many simultaneous deadlines, projects, and clients, allowing us to focus on the specific client or project at hand.

  2. It reduces stress. The physical appearance of clutter brings about anxiety, therefore leading to stress, a sense of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. An organised workplace allows for quick retrieval of the right document at the right time not only for yourself but for others in the office such as co-workers, bosses and clients.

  3. It shows you care. You don’t ever walk into the office with dishevelled hair. Why not? You don’t want to look sloppy and of course you want to show off your beautiful hair. Your physical workplace is a reflection of you. And others form perceptions of you based on your workplace. An organised workplace shows pride, loyalty, a sense of caring and responsibility. Next time you contemplate whether or not you want to organise your workplace, think about that one person in the office who is always dressed immaculately. Either you hate this person for being so damn put together or you’re this person. Either way – people know you care about yourself, how you look, and you seem very polished. And that’s just an outfit. Imagine what people may perceive when the workplace is organised.

  4. It saves time. You had your Friday outfit all planned on Thursday night. You wake up Friday morning and walk over to your closet for that new shirt. You can’t find it. You frantically start looking everywhere and you still don’t find it. You then go through the 5 stages of grief – you even negotiate to skip happy hour to find that top but you still don’t find it. You’re left with no choice and you pick another outfit, ruining your whole day. Pretty rough day, huh? Similarly, with an organised workplace, you’ll find things more quickly, you feel less frustration, and you’ll find yourself saving time that would have otherwise been wasted looking for that lost document.

Organise your digital life – Categorise all projects and recurring actions – Create a filing system – Have a consistent labelling convention

Organise your To-do List

Organise your work bag

Read more here


Acts of kindness is a great way to make else’s entire day and in the process boost your confidence, your energy levels and give you an overall mood lift!

Use this day to inspire others: Stuck for ideas? Here’s a great list 20 easy things you can do today to start from!

  1. Find opportunities to give compliments. It costs nothing, takes no time, and could make someone’s entire day. Don’t just think it. Say it.

  2. Donate a Toy

  3. Hide inspirational messages on sticky notes around the office.

  4. Support local farmers and markets

  5. Pay for someone else’s coffee

  6. Sign up for a 5k run for a good cause

  7. One easy way to ensure you write a nice note or give at least on compliment a day . . . When you open your inbox for the first time of the day write a short email – 1 paragraph max – praising someone. This note can be as simple as, “Just wanted to say, ‘thanks for being such a great friend.’” Or, “Thinking of you.” Or point out something nice you noticed. 15 seconds can make someone’s entire day. And looking for something to compliment a person on each day will make you more aware of and appreciative of the kindness around you

  8. Snap a photo for a couple or tourist

  9. Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now.

  10. Make and give care packs to the homeless

  11. Let someone go in front of you at the checkout line, on to the train, tube or bus

  12. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, remember any friends who have lost a parent the previous year, and check in with them.  Those will be tough days.

  13. Support someone’s charity or campaign

  14. Hold open the doors for people

  15. Send your boss an email about a co-worker’s hard work.

  16. Sometimes we shy away from people when we know they’re having a rough time. We assume we should wait for them to approach us, so we’re not intruding. Instead, ask them how they’re doing. If they don’t want to talk, they’ll say they’re “fine.” Many people will be relieved to have someone to talk to. If you don’t ask, they might never mention anything to you. They might not want to burden you with their problems.

  17. Feed the birds or squirrels in the park

  18. Like and comment on your entrepreneurial friends posts on Linkedin or twitter to boost their posts to reach more people

  19. Spend time with your grandparents

  20. Be kind to yourself. Every day write down 3 to 5 things for which you’re grateful. I do this every night with a simple email to myself. By the way, research has shown that this increases happiness 25%.


It’s all about doing a little bit extra to get a little bit fitter.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Take the stairs

  2. Go 1 floor up or down for water

  3. Stuck on a desk job? Set a timer to get up and walk and stretch a bit every hour.Here’s a quick workout you can complete today:

  4. Start off with 13 reps of each move. Complete those and start again from scratch completing 12 reps of each exercise, then 11, 10, 9… all the way to 1 rep of each

  • Squats

  • Jumping

  • Lunges (1 per leg)

  • Burpees

  • Push-ups


Socialise with friends, go dancing, let loose, have fun, relax, sleep, get lost in your hobby or do whatever you really enjoy best to help you relief stress.


This technique is wonderful for when you are struggling to sleep or woken up in the middle of the night and struggling to fall back asleep.


I’ve picked a lovely 10 minute Mindfulness session on YouTube for you to listen too. Mindfulness is really an everyday practice and becomes a lifestyle. Being mindful – in the moment of now. Without judgement.

I hope you enjoy this session. There are loads online and Headspace is a fantastic app to use for everyday mindfulness.

Find the video here or click on the image.



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