If you are reading this now, You’ve probably tried every diet under the sun. You probably know all the dieting rules, the healthy eating methods, what is good food and what isn’t. YOU are the EXPERT at dieting, yet, you are still struggling.



1. We’ve been programmed to eat 2. Food makes one feel better emotionally 3. Food is a distraction 4. Dieting only works as long as you are on the diet 5. Dieting makes you feel isolated/lonely 6. Our lives are too comfortable, we don’t need to expend calories 7. We are being hypnotised to eat – t.v. & media etc 8. Dieting = struggle, battle, fight, win, lose 9. Overweight can lead to self-hatred and psychological reversal 10. Overweight people don’t always have motivation to change 11. Overweight for a long time – inability to ‘see a slim future’ 12. Lack of willpower 13. Fear of being slim – deep core issues (e.g. slim when marriage fell apart – not a good memory.) 14. People habitually choose diets that are unsuitable (quick fix) 15. Food is actually ONLY nourishment – nothing else! 16. You need to save 7400 calories per week to lose 2 pounds.

It is considered safe to lose 2 pounds per week. (2.2 pounds = 1 kg)

How many of these did you find your head nodding along? How many of these have you been struggling with?

I know it is hard. I know it is a constant battle.

So you’ve tried all the dieting methods, but have you ever tried to change your core beliefs? Your deep seated thoughts, emotions and feelings that have been programmed in your mind since you were a child? Have you ever wondered if there could be another reason for not being able to lose the weight even if you try your best?

Besides for all the above mentioned reasons why it is so hard to lose weight, there is also a chance that you could have a secondary gain for keeping the weight on.

A secondary gain is a reason for your mind to ‘protect’ you. You subconscious mind believes that by keeping the weight on, you will be safe.

Here are some examples:

Excess fat can protect you from the outside world

Excess fat can be an excuse for not doing something you’re scared of or dislike doing

Excess fat can stop you from unwanted sexual attention

Excess fat can make you feel safe.

Consciously we aren’t always aware of the reasons why we are holding on to weight, but subconsciously your mind has all the answers and that is where I love hypnotherapy the most. Because for some people, by using hypnotherapy, you can get all these hidden subconscious thoughts and reasons, understand them on a deeper level and make a change.

So what’s the answer?

When I see clients for weight management however I don’t just use hypnotherapy. I make use of all the tools and skill sets I have learned to help the client in the best possible way, because one method that works brilliantly for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

That is why I make use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help the client eliminate negative emotions they may hold around eating, it helps the client to stop cravings and reframe their thinking patterns.

I also make use of Mindfulness to teach clients how to really enjoy their food again, instead of just stuffing it down their throat just out of habit or just because the snack is there in front of them.

Mind MeDiation is also a protocol that I use to help you reprogramme your mind and get the unconscious mind to delete the old and have a new, alternative, more beneficial programme running for you.

With Hypnotherapy, I get to the root cause of your problems. Going deep inside the unconscious mind to look at those deep seated behaviours, habits and programmes created and make a positive change.

Lastly, I make use of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help the client reframe their thinking, change their perceptions and anchor triggers to help them have better control over their eating habits.

There is hope!

With all of these methods and looking at every possible reasoning for weight loss, I leave nothing to chance as I am tackling every aspect that could have a client fail, in the past, but now create that possibility to succeed.

#weightmanagement #weightandhypnosis #reprogramyourmind #rewindyourmind

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