There are so many different things you might have read or people tell you to do when you are feeling anxious, but it is hard to remember them all.

I’ve taken the time to put all of the most effective anxiety tips together in one easy page for you. You can save these images to a folder on your phone or save this link on your homepage and when you find yourself in an anxious moment, pull these out and use them.

I do however want to inform you that not EVERY tip or method would be the right method for you in every situation. People vary, situations vary. You may find one thing works for you, but not a friend or a specific tip is great in a certain situation, but if you try it in another, it doesn’t quite have the same effect on you.

Thus, play around with these and find the ones that really works for YOU.

I truly hope that you’ll find some relief from these quick and easy tips. Remember – practice makes perfect and don’t give up!

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