A tennis ball isn’t just a dog’s best friend!

Not every tip or technique is going to work for every person, and not every tip will work every time, but if this gives you some relief then that is wonderful news! However, you won’t know until you have tried it.

So, here’s a little tip I’d like to share with you. Something I do quite regularly as it works for me.

Get a little relief from your #ANXIETY: Give yourself a mini massage Can you think of anything better than a massage to ease your muscle tension, to eliminate some pain and stress and ultimately some of the anxiety you hold in your body? Well, a massage is still probably one of the best feelings and ways to relieve some tension, but it will cost you a fortune to get a weekly massage , so this will be your next best thing! Keep a tennis ball at your desk, car or home or somewhere where you can have access to it at all times. When you feel stressed or anxious, take it out and roll it under your feet or stand against a wall  and roll it over your back and shoulders.

It just a gives a little bit of relieve that you might need in that instant.

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