Corona Virus Mental Health Toolbox Talk

These are truly worrying times for us all. Whether you are worried about yourself, your family, your job, your business or your finances. In construction it is particularly worrying as many people can't work from home, many are contractors that don't get paid if they don't work and all sites operate on deadlines and can get hefty fines if they miss their deadlines. With all this going on, transportation are shutting, meaning people will find it harder to get to work, suppliers are stopping or slowing production, which means you might not get your materials in time and to top it off, the construction industry already has the highest risk of suicide - Three times that of the average man.

Thus, I've created a quick Corona Virus Mental Health Toolbox Talk which can be delivered to your employees as well as printed and handed out or posters put up on the walls. My recommendation would be to give each their own leaflet as people often forget how to look after themselves when times of struggle.

If you click on any of the images, it will automatically open up on to a PDF for you to download.

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