Why Journaling will help you

Journaling is the daily practice of writing about how you think and how you are thinking, feeling and anything else you have noticed during your day. The act of writing enables you to process, discover and articulate your thoughts, feelings and emotions. In doing so, you are able to investigate whether your thoughts are correct, true, kind and in perspective. This is a very private affair. No one else should be able to read the journal. Make sure that the journal is in a safe place or keep an online journal, safely password protected. Diaro is an excellent journaling app. Try and write your journal as soon as you get up in the morning or before you go to sleep – whatever works best for you. Reflect on the day before or the day ahead if in the morning but also include the following: Gratitude: Find what you appreciated about the day. We suggest finding three things a day. You can appreciate tiny aspects of your life, such as a good meal, the sky or someone being kind or smiling, or a good night’s sleep. Keeping a gratitude journal will increase positivity and positivity is infectious! Emotion: Keep a record of your emotions and how they changed during the day. This will help you realise that your emotions are transient and impermanent and you begin to understand that emotions are a little like the weather or nature, ever changing and renewing In our workshops and courses we encourage you to really put your thoughts ‘in the dock’ and examine them as if being cross examined. Journaling is a good place to complete this process. In doing so, you can determine whether your thoughts are helpful or damaging to your life experience. Writing your thought down and examining whether the thought is important to you, true, helpful, kind or is it better to let that thought go, accept and move on, will help put things in perspective and will help you deal with stressful and anxious thoughts and feelings. Journaling will help increase your emotional resilience, your positivity and cognitive retention. Get journaling!! Please get in touch with Rewind Your Mind to hear more about journaling and putting your thoughts in the dock. We currently have an online Anxiety Workshop and run courses in the workplace for Managing Stress and Mindfulness in Business. 

Here are some journalling apps you may be intetested in:



Universal Diary:


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