Positivity & Gratitude in the Workplace

You may or may not be aware, but our minds’ have a negative bias. This is primarily to protect us, so we are prepared for possible dangerous situations. It does unfortunately not help our positivity quota and can affect our happiness. To demonstrate this, think back to when you had any sort of appraisal or review situation in the workplace. However much glowing praise you may have received, we tend to spend a lot time, rehashing the negative comments we heard and forgetting all the good that was said. This pattern runs throughout most peoples’ lives to some degree and can be very destructive. If someone we know inadvertently ignores us in the street for example, we tend to immediately jump to negative conclusions, such as, ‘what have we done wrong’ or ‘did I say something to offend them’ etc. The truth of course may well have been that they were engrossed in their own thoughts or didn’t see you. We may be thinking and going over the incident all day and this of course would affect our positivity and how we experience the rest of the day or longer. Positivity is infectious. How often have you been around an upbeat person, and you feel better, more energised? In the office, if someone is consistently pointing out the negative and underplaying what is good around them, this inevitably can affect the morale of others around them and have a very negative effect on productivity and employee retention. Positive Psychologists have demonstrated through numerous studies that positivity is increased if you cultivate a gratitude attitude. They have found that a good way to increase this is to keep a Gratitude journal. At Rewind Your Mind, on our courses in the workplace and for individuals, we help attendees establish a schedule into their daily lives, which in time becomes a habit and in turn will cultivate positivity and increase emotional resilience.

One of these good habits we help to instill is a Gratitude journal. We ask that people each day give three things they have felt gratitude for, (we have found that to ask for more becomes too much of a task, even though there will be more than three things you are grateful for each day). This can be something very simple such as laughter with friends or colleagues, someone smiling at you or a task well done, a good meal, noticing the beauty in nature on the way to work or enjoying a collaboration with a colleague. The list is endless. This small change of bringing to our attention what is good and what we are grateful for, is an investment into being positive and happy and is in fact a way of being kind to ourselves. As we said at the beginning of this blog, positivity is infectious, and this is one way we can help transform ourselves, colleagues and in turn the atmosphere of the workplace and home life. This small attitude change will lead to more productivity, less absenteeism and retention of staff. To hear more about our courses we do for Companies and for individuals and how we encourage positivity in the workplace and increase wellbeing, please see the link below.

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