10th October is World Mental Health Day and on this day there are some interesting statistics on Mental Health. Millions of us each year are impacted by Mental Health illness as the statistics below show. One in three work sickness notes handed out by GPs are now for Mental Health. Mental Health has been in the spotlight recently with high profile people such as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and and Ruby Wax, championing the issue of Mental Health and sharing their experiences. This is helping to de-stigmatise Mental Health. However there are concerning statistics from Business in the Community, a charity, who recently published the results of a survey on mental health in the workplace.

The report found that while 60 percent of employees experienced symptoms of poor mental health related to work, fewer than one in four managers had actually received any training or dealing with these issues. The really concerning findings came when ascertaining what had happened to people after they reported their mental health issue to their manager or HR department. While 72 percent reported that there had been a positive or neutral reaction to their disclosure, some 15 per cent said that they had faced disciplinary proceedings as a result. One in 10 people even said they had been sacked or forced out of their jobs. There is still a long way to go to help people become more aware and feel more empowered to tackle mental health.

Rewind Your Mind are helping educate companies with our Mental Health Awareness presentations in the workplace. We also run hour long courses in the workplace for 6 – 8 weeks, which will educate attendees on ways to help themselves become more emotionally resilient, more able to cope with work pressure and challenges around them and encourage them to put in healthy and nurturing practices, which in turn, will combat Mental Health illness. 

Our courses include Stress Management in the Workplace, Mental Health Awareness and Mindfulness in Business. These courses equip and educate employees and individuals with the tools they need to become healthier and more productive in their lives. A FTSE 100 study reveals that companies who support mental health enjoy up to 3 times more profit! So get in touch and book your course.

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