Rewind Your Mind offers companies Mental Health Awareness,  Well-being, and Mindfulness workshops.

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Corporate Workshops


We offer various packages to our Corporate clients as most are tailored to your company's needs and requirements. We appreciate not all business are the same size, has the same idea or even the same budget, so we are flexible with our packages and can put together something that works for you.


Below we have listed a few of our most in-demand workshops.

As well as workshops, we also offer bespoke packages.


Safety in Mind is a 2-hour long interactive workshop getting staff to really understand mental health and how it can affect our thinking, the way we behave, as well as our physical and emotional feelings, but most importantly, it focuses on how poor mental health can affect our ability to thinking clearly. Thereby taking risks, making mistakes or causing death. 

We offer either a 1-hour Stress Management & Coping Strategies Session that examines how and why we suffer from stress.  The workshop will help participants to develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and manage stress at work. We look at how our thoughts can be adapted to combat stress and offer solutions to help you deal with stressful work and home life

Lack of good quality sleep is related to impaired mental health, weight gain, and increased cortisol levels, not to mention poor focus and fatigue.  Our sleep workshop helps establish healthy sleep hygiene, nutrition advice, and meditations that will allow you to drift off to sleep even if you wake in the middle of the night.  This workshop is 4 sessions of an hour long.


When you are mindful you have a greater consciousness in the present.  This is vital in business when at any given moment employees and management may be barraged with various problems that call for decisions under stress.

Mindfulness training literally creates new neural pathways in your brain that help you achieve a state of mind where you are focused, present and aware. This benefits everyone, themselves, their colleagues, their clients, and their organisations.

This workshop was created during lockdown to help those now struggling to have a work-life balance since they are working from home. 
Teaching you good coping strategies, looking at the reasons why you might be fatigued and how to put things in place to help you balance working from home. 
This workshop is designed to be delivered online.


Managing mental health risk factors in the workplace strengthens your business and protects your workforce.

Everything a manager needs to know to identify, help and support those struggling with mental health problems.​

This workshop educates and decreases the stigma that is sometimes felt around Mental Health.  It promotes a better understanding of mental illness and also encourages better communication between colleagues and managers.


Resilience is about getting through hard times. Throughout this one hour workshop, you will learn practical and positive strategies and tools to be more resilient in your work and life during these challenging times. 

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This one hour workshop will look at signs and symptoms of burnout and fatigue as well as how it relates to Covid-19.
We will also look at Organizational contributory factors towards employee burnout and how to manage those risks.


These 1-hour sessions are either guided meditations or visualizations that reset your mind and enable you to be calm and present or in the case of visualisations, guide you to a calm and pleasant place or to visualize you being more productive, confident and achieving your goals.

Complete Wellbeing Plan for a full year

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Full Day Workshops

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Full Day Workshops

There is a range of workshops we deliver to leaders and managers.
These include:

- One day Stress Management Workshop

- One day Emotional Intelligence Workshop

- One day Leadership Workshop

- One day Communication Workshop

More detailed information can be emailed to you. 

Company Benefits

There are trade-specific benefits that we'd be happy to share with you, please ask.
For now, here is a general breakdown: 

  • Improved performance & productivity

  • More focused employees leading to a reduction in accidents

  • Early intervention/prevention of mental burnout

  • Improve productivity and engagement

  • Reduce costs & risks; 
    cost savings effect by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism

  • Improved company engagement and fewer conflicts

  • Strengthen personal resources for employees

  • Employees flourish and take pride in their roles within the organizational system

  • Employees function to the best of their abilities, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues

  • Employees have a positive overall experience of work

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

  • Better employee retention and retained talent;
    Employees who feel that the employer they work for cares about their overall health and wellbeing are more likely
    to be motivated, engaged, and less likely to leave.

Benefits of Attending Our Workshops

We have listed just some of the benefits:

  • Enhanced focus and attention

  • Increased self-awareness and increased mindfulness of others

  • Increased ability to handle stressful situations

  • An ability to cope with thoughts, moods, and emotions more effectively

  • Greater cognitive effectiveness and capacity for decision making

  • An enhanced sense of purpose

  • Increased creativity

  • A greater capacity for relaxation

  • More energy and enthusiasm

  • Less absenteeism

  • Better employee retention

  • More effective teams

  • Increased skills for health protection

  • A safe and healthy work environment

  • Improved morale

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Improved overall health

Coming soon


This will be a full-day workshop similar to that of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) although this workshop will be more interactive and giving people the chance to role play and come to their own conclusions instead of it being packed with tons of information.

Doing an interactive workshop has proven results that people will remember what they have learned for longer, rather than just sitting and taking in information.

​This workshop will help you manage mental health risk factors, educates, and decreases the stigma that is sometimes felt around Mental Health.  It promotes a better understanding of mental illness and also encourages better communication between colleagues and managers.

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Financial Wellbeing

Your Financial wellbeing is directly linked to your mental wellbeing, your morale, happiness, and daily productivity.

Through this workshop, you will learn how to better use your finances, create plans, discussions about debt and how you can put strategies in place to help you cope.