The three primary reasons for stress and depression in our societies are the following –
Money, work stress, and relationship stress, through in a pandemic and your stress levels are sky-high!


I help people like you to manage your stress, feel in control

and survive during challenging times.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, I can help you get your life back, even if faced with adversity and challenging times.

I am guessing you are here because you are most likely struggling with one or all of the following:


1.  Money troubles - Without any doubt; this is the top issue that consumes just about all of us at one stage or another in our lives and now, more than ever. You may be on furlough, you may be worried about job security or may not even have a job at the moment. The fear is consuming you, making it unable for you to think clearly or plan, it may even cause you to lose your job, or not have the confidence to get a new job, because of your anxiety. 

2. Work Stress-  Big brother is always watching and you feel you need to constantly demonstrate that you are fully efficient at all times. Constant new tasks and requests for more information, working from home is not easy. People can't see how busy you are so they keep asking for more and more. How do you deal with this new stress working from home? How do you mentally log off from work and have a normal work-life balance?
Besides that, competition is extremely tough, and expectations are high, leaving your job is certainly not an option, neither is losing it. Your work stress and anxiety are substantial grounds to be concerned about especially now. 

3. Relationship stress - This is the type of tension that follows humans all over and it's always present within our life in one form or another. Nowadays a fast life and faster-changing values and morals make it even harder to cope with day to day stress, throw in lockdown, and a crisis and you can't escape, making things extremely difficult at home.

The good news is that there is a way out. 
You CAN have control over your life again.


We just don't always know how to cope and our usual
coping strategies are certainly not working during these unusual times.


That is where I come in. A trained Mental Health Consultant and therapist.
I've been working with individuals and corporate clients for over 10 years

and can show you how to get your life back on track, even during these

challenging times. 


What you will achieve in 5 sessions:

- Overcome your fear & anxiety

- Stay motivated to get stuff done

- Learn resilience coping strategies

- Beat feelings of overwhelm

- Reduce feelings of anger

- Reduce feelings of pressure

- Take back control

All sessions are tailored to YOU, so no one session will be the same. You will achieve your own results and outcomes based on your situation and struggles. This is not a 'cookie-cut' recipe or 'one-size-fits-all' programme. This is tailored to your specific needs. 


A. Simmonds

It's only been a couple of days since my first session with Ghitta but I can feel a distinct improvement and would like to follow up on the next session as soon as possible.

F. Mooney

Within the first 2 sessions, I was already feeling the benefits! It's such a massive shift for me. I would never have thought it could change so much in such a short period of time.  I've had the best sleep ever since we started . Ghitta's voice is soothing and she has a relaxing approach. 

L. Mitchell

I did a session with Ghitta in 2016 and decided to take up this course now. It's been a tremendous change for me. From my relationship with my kids and wife, to my health and exercise as well as how I now perceive things. I've finally managed to get my work-life balance right whilst working from home and have clear objectives for my future. 


I suffer from general anxiety, but it's become much worse recently due to illness and lockdown. Your sessions have helped me enormously and I listen to your recording every day, sometimes more than once. I want to thank you again for this. 

Ghitta Blue 3.1.jpg
Feel free to book a free
15 min chat with me to discuss the Resilience Programme before you start.