Anxiety can take many forms, but generally speaking it is a feeling of unease that is often accompanied by other symptoms such as worrying unnecessarily, nervousness, rapid heartbeat and hyperventilation.Anxiety becomes a problem when it seems to be happening a lot and we feel unable to do function as we used to.Most of us feel anxious from time to time, however if this is interfering with your enjoyment of everyday life it is time to do something about it. This will teach you how to let go of your anxieties.


In this session you are going to allow your body to completely release any worries, stress or anxiety. If you use this session several times a day (or at least several times a week), you will notice you have a different response and a differet reaction to things that happen around you. You'll also notice that your body will melt away the anxiety or worry when we you use the triggers I will tecah you in this session. 

Anxiety Meditation Recording