A lot of people are currently facing challenges because of the corona virus outbreak and lockdown.

These challenges would range from:

Being worried about catching it, worried about family members, colleagues or staff members who might have been affected, challenges within supply chain travel, financial, stress working from home, new rules and regulations, not getting enough sleep or the lockdown having an impact on your business finding the resilience to be able to get around that.


Others now suddenly finding themselves working from home have reported struggling with these challenges:


Workload stresses – Constant new tasks and requests for more information – People can’t see how busy you are so keep asking for more and more - How do we deal with this stress?

Anxiety – Big brother is watching. Having to demonstrate that your fully efficient at all times. Feels like there is less flexibility than being in the office!

Work life balance – Even though we’re at home it’s a very intense day and then really difficult to log off mentally (some people waking up in the night!). No natural distractions you get in the office environment.


I am offering an online, discounted session to help you cope.
All you need is a stable internet connection, and video and microphone on your computer. 


Anxiety Management during lockdown