introduction to mindfulness

Mindfulness Taster:

An hour’s overview of the Mindfulness approach to meditation, its origins, and the benefits of instilling a Mindfulness practice.  This also includes some meditation practice, information on Apps, and how to start a Mindfulness practice, and how to incorporate it into your daily life.


Introduction Session:

A 3-hour long introduction which is more in-depth than the hour-long session.

It is for people curious about mindfulness or considering taking up one of our other courses. 

This workshop introduces key principles for living mindfully, and core practices to help cultivate mindfulness in daily life.

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short mindfulness


Each of these workshops is 3 hours in length, however, these can be adjusted to the client's needs or we can create bespoke workshops.



Stress and Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice helps with stress reduction as well as with managing chronic pain, depression, addiction, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), and some other mental health conditions. However, the application of mindfulness is the most successful preventative tools – simple tools and practical exercises are capable of providing an instant change in mood and approach to a task or person in front of us. The more we practice, the more “stress-proof” we can be. Our workshop offers a range of such tools and explains how to develop your own “mindfulness gym”.


Mindful Anger & Conflict Resolution

Is it okay to be angry? And if so, is it okay to show it? And if so how to do it without causing harm?
Mindfulness approach to conflict resolution recognises that anger is an important tool to inform us that either our physical or emotional self is under attack. What we need to develop through mindfulness practice is the ability to understand how to use this information for self-protection without letting anger take over and retaliate. In our workshop, you will understand the roots of your anger and how to take care of it, so it remains your trusted ally, not a source of destruction. You will understand that it is possible to communicate hurt without causing harm.

Teams, Relationships and Mindfulness

Since professional life takes up the majority of our ‘awake time’, we may be spending more time with work colleagues than with friends or family members. This time spent with work colleagues, and the personalities that make up your work ‘team’, ‘office’ or professional set up, can feel even more difficult to handle and negotiate as you we are probably not in control of who those people are, and even if we don’t get on with them, are still dependent on their cooperation.
Mindfulness approach to relationship building recognises the tension between the need to “be yourself” and the need to see the needs of the others as a priority. Our workshop will show how to understand and negotiate this tension without feeling that “someone has to lose”

Mindfulness Formula for Work/Life Balance

In the reality of the modern life work tends to absorb the majority of our waking hours and minutes. At the same time we don’t want to put less attention, love or importance into the other areas of your life – family, friends, personal interests…
We can’t change the number of hours in the day, and rarely can we change time at work… Mindfulness approach shows the way out of this “stalemate” by examining values, priorities and attachments.