Balancing your hormones through your mind – The Hormone Harmonizer 


I help women rebalance their hormones and eliminate their pain and anxiety through Hypnotherapy & Mind MeDiation.

I work purely with the unconscious mind. It is, after all, that unconscious mind of yours that allows you to breathe, blink your eyes, pump blood through your body, and regulate your hormones, but it also defines your past events and memories.

As a therapist, I work with your subconscious mind through Mind MeDiation and hypnotherapy. During the process, I directly activate your Hypothalamus, which is the first part of your brain that also gets activated by external events.

You see, your brain is extremely powerful and the smallest interferences will affect your brain, triggering certain hormones to be released into your system which then follows with a whole range of actions and physical symptoms.

When doing my sessions, I thus work directly with the hypothalamus in changing your hormones. This is the most natural way of getting your hormones rebalanced and your life back.

No more synthetic pills and potions!

No more agony!

No more doctors that don't understand you!


An actual, natural solution!