Overall Rewind Your Mind workshops have been very, very good. The feedback was very positive. They felt relaxed and now have a deeper understanding of some of the mental health issues they may be struggling with and have also learnt sound coping skills. The sessions were informative and unlike any other mental health sessions we have ever received before.

We would welcome Ghitta and Sally back any time for more informative, fun and meaningful sessions.

Project Manager

Rewind Your Mind's Introduction to Stress Management Workshop was excellent!
I learned some new techniques which I found very useful and I'll be sure to practice regularly. It's good to think about how to cope, look after our mental health and see things from a different perspective, which is not something I personally knew or even thought of before.  


National Account Manager

I wanted to put into writing how  much the deep relaxation sessions  have helped me. Many thanks.

  1. They put a break into the day to do something different and get away from the cursed computers.

  2. A chance to empty the mind away from distractions

  3. They help relax the inner core muscles so when you stand up and return to the workroom, shoulders are down, stomach and innards less tensed.

  4. A chance to lie down and keep still, calm and quiet after 1 ½ standing on the train and the assault on the senses from the noise and smell of London.

  5. A good night’s sleep follows.

Fully worthwhile, even if it only lasts 24 hours before our work-life of tortoise IT and empty promises send steam out of your ears again! Generally, I can feel a tangible benefit and improved well-being lasting a clear fortnight to three weeks.

I’ve recommended it to colleagues, and hope for opportunities between meetings and “stuff” to do some more.

CDM Coordinator, Construction

The presentations and relaxation sessions during Mental Health Week were brilliant. I wouldn’t want to miss the future sessions for anything in the world, please keep me updated.

Thank you.


Senior Construction Manager

The deep relaxation session turned out to be different to what I expected. It was a good experience and I found it interesting.  I was surprised how relaxed my mind had become during the session. I would endeavor to join these sessions on a weekly basis going forward.

Community Officer

I was nervous about the idea of relaxing en masse but knew I needed to learn how to relax as my health was becoming affected by my levels of stress. I trusted Ghitta completely and was amazed by the level of safety she created. I remained a little resistant to the process as I was still nervous of 'letting go'.

Ghitta understood this completely and gave me 'full permission' to remain slightly resistant. I felt in control at all times throughout the process but also realised 'something different had happened' and I did in fact deeply relax. Afterwards I felt completely exhausted. I interpreted this positively as allowing my self to feel my true feelings and not my usual state of 'coping'. Since I have listened to the tape Ghitta sent me and have re experienced deep relaxation. I feel much better now as I am spotting the signs of stress earlier and allowing them rather than resisting them. I thoroughly recommend Ghitta generous offer.


Non-Exec Director, Charity

Thank you for the sessions you held in our office – they will ever be with me and did more good than you might have supposed. I had a mind-boat I used to sail on when things weren't right, but it could be tough going - you showed me a simple door to colours, coast and forest paths, mists and clear skies which I now visit from time to time without needing sails.

With my very best wishes,


Construction Manager

Rewind Your Mind recently delivered an Introduction to Stress Management Workshop and Relaxation Session at our offices. The presentations were really good and informative and i think everyone should be aware and know how to cope with Mental Health which was clearly presented to us in the sessions. Even though we thought we understood mental health, there were quite a few things we haven't yet realised or associated with mental health.

N. O'Neill

HR Development Manager

The Mindfulness meditation sessions during Health and Safety week at E+C brought a breath of fresh air mid-way through the working week. It really allowed me to switch off for 20mins and relax which is an opportunity I never get to take both at work and outside of work. Ghitta and Sally really put everyone at ease to enable all to get the most out of what was on offer.

Personally, I would benefit from these sessions if they were to be repeated in the future and would strongly recommend to others to attend to be able to benefit as I have.



Development Project Manager

Hi Ghitta and Sally!

I just wanted to drop you both a note to say thanks again for the recent anxiety workshop sessions - it's been a lot of fun and hugely beneficial and I would definitely urge friends and colleagues to sign up to your future courses.


Finance Manager

I would give the Introduction to Stress Management Workshop a 10/10! It was very enjoyable and interesting and the most usable strategy I gained from the session was the process of Scheduling your day, which I have never before thought of in the way Ghitta and Sally presented it.

I would definitely recommend the session to others.

The key message I got from this workshop was 'Don't be afraid to ask for help'.


Thanks for the relaxation session today. I can definitely see the benefit – it’s crucial to take some time out and think and be rather than our usual doing.

Sales Manager, Property Development

I went in for an initial deep relaxation session with Ghitta so that I can just experience the idea and feeling it could create and to be honest I was quite doubtful about it and its positive effects. I was apprehensive at first but Ghitta soon made me feel at ease and very comfortable.  I decided to take an open minded approach and allow Ghitta to take control and continue with the session.

My experience was completely positive, I’ve never experienced a sensation over my whole body like this before. I felt pumped with adrenaline but at the same time relaxed and left the room feeling a calmness throughout my body that lasted at least 6 hours. I’ve only tried one session but I know I’ll be coming back for more, thanks Ghitta!


Charity Support Worker

I attended the 6 week anxiety workshop which Sally and Ghitta presented. At first I was worried that I'd have to talk and engage and I didn't want to be singled out. However, within the first 5 minutes I felt completely at ease and relaxed in the group and before I knew it, I was talking about my own anxiety. The best part for me was realising that I am not the only one with the same feelings and thoughts, worries and fears and that everyone else in the room went through exactly the same thing I did. Rewind your Mind has given me excellent advice and coping skills and helped me overcome most of my biggest fears, anxiety and opened my eyes to my unhelpful thinking habits.

I would recommend the course to everyone suffering from stress and anxiety!


Safety Manager

I really enjoyed the workshops and deep relaxation sessions and would love if they were more regular. I especially appreciate the opportunity to clear your mind and relax for a short period in the week.

Hope it continues.

Cost Planning Manager