In my previous blog, I explained how your mental health can be affected by your Hormones being imbalanced. This week I want to discuss hormonal results, case studies,  natural remedies and give you a basic, initial test. Over the last two years I’ve been doing surveys and case studies of women and their hormones. Just over 100 women have completed my online survey about their hormones.   I find it fascinating to see the results, of the most common symptoms due to imbalanced hormones and the most common hormones that become imbalanced. Here are my findings – based on the images below: If you look at the image and table below, it shows that more women between the ages of 30-40 were worried abo


A tennis ball isn’t just a dog’s best friend! Not every tip or technique is going to work for every person, and not every tip will work every time, but if this gives you some relief then that is wonderful news! However, you won’t know until you have tried it. So, here’s a little tip I’d like to share with you. Something I do quite regularly as it works for me. Get a little relief from your #ANXIETY: Give yourself a mini massage Can you think of anything better than a massage to ease your muscle tension, to eliminate some pain and stress and ultimately some of the anxiety you hold in your body? Well, a massage is still probably one of the best feelings and ways to relieve some tension, but i


#TASTYTUESDAY IS BACK! This week I’ve got a whole list of Juicy Fruity Flavours especially now that we are in summer and a juicy fruit would be a nice way to cool down. #WORKPLACEWEDNESDAY Declutter Day – Some of our stress is due to many competing demands.  And, sometimes, those demands are staring us in the face–piles of files on our desks, a stack of voicemail messages and many e-mails.  A cluttered desk or desktop may signal a cluttered mind!  When you spend time looking for a document or a phone number, that’s time that could be better spent. Benefits of decluttering: It compartmentalises your work. Organising your office/desk/cubicle helps separate the clutter of the many simultaneous


Body & Mind Challenge It’s June and in the UK that means middle summer! The sun is out and London in particularly is a different world. An overall happier place! I’ve decided to create a DAILY CHALLENGE blog for you. Challenges to make small, daily mental and physical changes to benefit your overall well-being. In the USA they’ve actually got the whole country going on hashtags already, so here goes! Get ready for: #MindfulMonday #TastyTuesday #WorkplaceWednesday #ThoughtfulThursday #FitnessFriday #StressFreeSaturday #SleepWellSunday So let’s see if we can get the UK on a roll too! Day 1: Since today is Tuesday, let’s look at #TastyTuesday. We all need food, but it’s even better to eat food


There’s this fantastic metaphor written by Harish Mahotra about a stress burnout that I would like to share with you today: If you work nonstop for 10, 12 or 14 hours, your stress level rises. Your engine overheats. You ignore the signs of stress like increased irritability, short temper, extramarital affairs, lack of patience, and an increased consumption of coffee, cigarettes, or alcohol. Finally, you have professional burnout. When you drive a car too long in hot weather, its engine may overheat. If unattended, the engine can catch fire. Keep a watch on the engine light, stop the car, and let it cool down. On the highway of life, listen to your mind and body. When you notice these signs,


Learn this ONE KEY SKILL and you can start to take control of your emotions and your life. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”. Viktor Frankl. How to use STOPP STOP! Just pause for a moment TAKE A BREATH Notice your breathing as you breathe in and out. OBSERVE What thoughts are going through your mind right now?Where is your focus of attention?What are you reacting to?What sensations do you notice in your body? PULL BACK – PUT IN SOME PERSPECTIVE What’s the bigger picture?Take the helicopter view?What is another way of looking at this situation?What advice would I give a frien

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