Positivity & Gratitude in the Workplace

You may or may not be aware, but our minds’ have a negative bias. This is primarily to protect us, so we are prepared for possible dangerous situations. It does unfortunately not help our positivity quota and can affect our happiness. To demonstrate this, think back to when you had any sort of appraisal or review situation in the workplace. However much glowing praise you may have received, we tend to spend a lot time, rehashing the negative comments we heard and forgetting all the good that was said. This pattern runs throughout most peoples’ lives to some degree and can be very destructive. If someone we know inadvertently ignores us in the street for example, we tend to immediately ju

First summit on mindful politics at the House of Commons

Last Tuesday the UK hosted the first summit on mindful politics at the House of Commons. MPs and government ministers from 15 countries meditated together at an event to explore whether mindfulnes can help reset the conduct of national and international politics. The event, claimed to be the world first, had been organised by senior Conservative and Labour MPs "to help political leaders stay resilient, clear-minded and creative in the face of constant change." Tim Ryan, a Republican US presidential hopeful for 2020 joined remotely. Ryan said "Mindful meditation allows me to take timeout, step back and see issues as interconnected. That kind of big-picture problem-solving is desperately la

Why Journaling will help you

Journaling is the daily practice of writing about how you think and how you are thinking, feeling and anything else you have noticed during your day. The act of writing enables you to process, discover and articulate your thoughts, feelings and emotions. In doing so, you are able to investigate whether your thoughts are correct, true, kind and in perspective. This is a very private affair. No one else should be able to read the journal. Make sure that the journal is in a safe place or keep an online journal, safely password protected. Diaro is an excellent journaling app. Try and write your journal as soon as you get up in the morning or before you go to sleep – whatever works bes


10th October is World Mental Health Day and on this day there are some interesting statistics on Mental Health. Millions of us each year are impacted by Mental Health illness as the statistics below show. One in three work sickness notes handed out by GPs are now for Mental Health. Mental Health has been in the spotlight recently with high profile people such as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and and Ruby Wax, championing the issue of Mental Health and sharing their experiences. This is helping to de-stigmatise Mental Health. However there are concerning statistics from Business in the Community, a charity, who recently published the results of a survey on mental health in t

Exercise - Why it helps!

In response to a perceived threat, we produce cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones increase blood glucose, heart rate and respiration, increase oxygen and nutrient supplies to muscles and temporarily shut down the maintenance of the body's other systems. In prehistoric times, this system was very useful as it enabled us to escape maybe the clutches of a life-threatening situation, such a tiger etc. This fight and flight response increases our chances of either destroying the threat or escaping. Today, we don’t on a day to day basis have threats to our very existence but our minds, because they have a negative bias, perceive danger in quite mundane circumstances sometimes. We find ourselve

Sweet Dreams Or Not??

Many of our clients come to us with difficulties going to sleep or waking abruptly in the night, with anything from worry and anxious thoughts to a full-blown panic attack. Sleep is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech, memory and flexible thinking and plays a significant role in brain development. So not sleeping well or having a restless sleep is not going to help and contributes to a vicious cycle of anxiety and mental health issues. It will also affect how you cope with relationships around you and your ability to work effectively. If we sleep less, because of going to bed late or waking up early, we're unlikely to get as much deep sleep as we need,

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